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Trouble in Gor Mahia camp

Trouble looms between the Gor Mahia's technical bench and management with the grapevine rife with reports that coach Zradvko Logarusic has reportedly left the club in a huff after a disagreement.

Logarusic has not attended training for the past two days and sources told that the management was not happy that the coach has diverted from his coaching duties and delved into management issues.

"Coach Logarusic has suddenly left his coaching duties and now he is also trying to interfere with the running of the club by blackmailing the management. He is taking a very wrong move failing to realise that the team is more important than any individual."

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier could not confirm to the departure of the coach but acknowledged that there had been problems with the coach adding he is scheduled to meet him.

"Yes there are issues but we are seeking to sort them out amicably and I am set to meet the coach today (Thursday) but I can say a lot has been happening," Rachier told reporters

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